Mr. Petrov is a talented pedagogue who sets an excellent example of a unique educator with his strict and conscientious teaching style combined with his own teaching format. His illustrative performances and emotional playing are always very effective in inspiring students' musical sense and make his classes colorful and motivating. Raised in the rich traditions of the Russian piano school Mr. Petrov’s teaching philosophy places great emphasis on both technical training and the production of a singing tone.

"It goes without saying, that technical proficiency should be one of the first acquisitions of the student who would become a fine pianist. It is impossible to conceive of fine playing that is not marked by clean, fluent, distinct, elastic technique."

Sergey Rachmaninoff.

"Music is a tonal art. It produces no visual image; it does not speak with words or ideas. It speaks only with sounds... Since music is a tonal art,the most important task, the primary duty of any performer is to work on tone."

Heinrich Neuhaus.

Mr. Petrov strongly believes and follows the ideals of the great pedagogues who taught and inspired him through the long period of his music education including Valery Kastelsky, pupil of the legendary Heinrich Neuhaus; Sergey Dorensky, pupil of the legendary Grigory Ginsburg; Klaus Hellwig, pupil of the legendary Wilhelm Kempff; Kevin Fitz-Gerald, pupil of the legendary Marek Jablonski.

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Pavel Petrov Piano

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